Monday, September 03, 2007

a bit of an update, at long last...

Unfortunately, it's late, it's Labor Day, and I have to go to work in the morning... so this will be brief.

My last post was on May 15 (if you can even call it a post... and the last before that was six months prior)... since then, I've gotten married, quit one job, started another, and managed to bypass an entire summer without noticing.

The wedding was awesome and I'm now happily married to the woman of my dreams. Most of the people reading this were there when it happened, but for those of you who check in here every six months wondering if I've put up anything new, it might be a bit of news.

A week or so ago, I left my previous employer (where I had been for over six years). It was a tough decision, but the business was seeing some tough times and I could no longer deal with the stress and the mental and physical toll it was taking on me. I left on good terms, but that didn't make the last few days any easier... I'll miss everyone there, and I wish them the best in future endeavors.

As a result, I started my new job last week. I'm a senior software engineer at a new startup, doing some interesting work in virtual desktop delivery for enterprises. It's a completely new field for me, which has been alternately terrifying and exhilarating... I have to prove myself all over again, but the problems are new and interesting. The new job will allow us to relocate a bit farther south (to Massachusetts, unfortunately) so sabs has a shorter drive to work (fortunately). The new apartment will also let us get a dog, and will put us closer to some of our friends.

I hope to be posting a little more often from here on out, but we all know how that goes. Eventually, I hope to revamp the website in its entirety. I set up a new server and want to migrate most of my projects and content over there, and probably de-emphasize the blog portion of the site (since I'm so atrocious at maintaining it).


Kris said...

Congrats on the new job dude!
Mental health is sometimes worth more then any extra bonus you may get.

- Kris

2:55 PM  

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