Friday, November 17, 2006


I miss my camera(s). I've been so busy with work and life that I've barely touched any of my photo gear in many months. The last time I did any real work was back in July at Lime Rock Park, and before that, in June up in Montreal. My batteries are long discharged, the memory cards empty, and the lenses dusty. I managed to miss the New England autumn and all of the colors, and I'm starting to really miss pressing that shutter.

As I was driving south on Main Street through downtown Nashua today, I saw all of the beautiful lights that have been put up on the trees and light poles in preparation for next weekend's holiday "stroll" (apparently something of a Nashua tradition). It struck me how beautiful the winter can be up here... and the snow hasn't even started to fall yet. Previous winters have left me feeling completely lacking for subjects... the monochromatic world, lit only for brief daylight hours through thin clouds... but there's a special beauty, in the details, that I think I'd like to try and capture this year.

Hell, I carry a camera bag every day, full of miscellaneous gear, notebooks, chargers, the PSP, etc... I think I'm going to take this weekend and get my 20D settled with a single lens, and start bringing it with me every day, and maybe have some shots to post up here as time goes on. We'll see.


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