Sunday, November 12, 2006

on whisky and lurking...

First off, I'll say that some of the more overwrought jokes on Family Guy make way more sense after a drink... or three. Or what you thought was one, but due to the strange warping of space time that occurs when you use a double old-fashioned glass instead of your normal spirit glass, and you're pouring cask strength, it ends up being substantially more than you expected. One of the consequences of such a mistake is that you'll want to mention that your post was brought to your readers by "Peat, Barley, and the Letter L." You'll notice that I resisted the urge. Mostly.

Anyway, I also received my first anonymous comment on this blog. It was in reference to my creation of a farting stuffed hippo, modeled after Bert of NCIS fame. Now, understand, the other night, I was thinking about how, even with this NaBloPoMo business, I get the distinct feeling that I'm updating my blog for a virtually nonexistent audience. I know that a few people, mostly close friends and family, read this... but I've assumed that it lacks the requisite panache of the more urbane, topical, or entertaining journals and blogs that get more broad readership. My impression is now being challenged by reality.

In that vein, I'd like to welcome any and all odd readers floating out there in blog readership land, and invite them to comment here. Who knows? I might just keep this thing going with regular updates, even after November is gone.


Anonymous said...

Any whisky will make any day better, but a premium whisky turns a regular day into something magical...
Thank you for choosing Fortune Brands, a World Leader in Wines and Spirits.

3:13 AM  
Dustin said...

Friends posting makes lunchtime reading fun.

12:51 PM  
Sean said...

Moo! :)

11:47 PM  

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