Friday, November 24, 2006

on family, the beach, and wedding plans...

Today was yet another good day. I slept poorly at my parents' house (as is typical, given the foreign bed and the constant, low level noise that starts at 5AM), but was greeted in the morning by three deer in the backyard and a large breakfast. In this case, breakfast was prepared for 5 1/2 people (the 1/2 person being my nephew Dale), and comprised some fifteen eggs, a substantial block of cheese, and the chopped crudités from the day prior. Later in the day, a large plate of leftover turkey and mashed potatoes served as lunch, followed by a slice of apple-crisp pie and chunk of sabs's phenomenal dark chocolate flourless torte, both topped with unsweetened homemade whipped cream.

Apparently, my family managed to polish off an entire 27 pound turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, green beans, creamed onions, two apple pies, a pumpkin pie, and the aforementioned torte in almost precisely 24 hours from start to finish. We are professionals. Do not try this at home.

The day also brought a visit to the beach club to get measurements and photos to prepare decorations for the wedding. Actually, it was two trips, as the first one was cut short by a somewhat urgent call from my brother, who, upon traveling over a large bridge, had suffered a seized brake caliper (along with the full complement of smoke, flame, and semi-metallic reek), and wanted to have someone along his return route to the house with a fire extinguisher in case things got out of hand. This actually ended up being rather fortuitous, as our second visit to the beach club was more fruitful, as there was a man setting up decorations for a wedding and let us in the building to perform our reconnaisance.

The afternoon was filled with an absolutely epic game of Trivial Pursuit. Now, we decided to be adventurous and try the Millenium Edition, which, in retrospect, was a bad idea. The poorly composed questions, coupled with anywhere from four to six players (depending on attrition), all in a leftover-induced tryptophan haze, resulted in a game that lasted for nearly four straight hours. Next time, it's back to the Genus-style questions.

The drive back was calm, easy, and remarkably empty, and sabs and I are back in our own home, with our own bed, and most importantly, our own peace and quiet.


sabominator said...

you forgot, we also ate all the squash...

i had the best time! and it's always so good to come back home after a great trip!

10:21 AM  
traumahob said...

I found enough turkey in a ziploc stuffed in the back of the frig on Sunday after gram left for a wrap with mayo and MY cranberries! That's all folks.

1:10 PM  

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