Sunday, November 26, 2006

long holiday weekends...

I love weekends. I especially love long weekends. I took a few extra vacation hours on Wednesday of last week, so I have had five straight days of weekend. With the holiday, of course, things were way too busy to actually enjoy the time off... Wednesday was filled with errands and cleaning the apartment, Thursday was driving through torrential rain to RI to visit with family, Friday was spent doing wedding info-gathering, board games with the family, and the trip back to NH. Saturday was mostly relaxing, but the evening was a little crazy, as Sabs's brother and his roommate were able to stop by on their way back to NJ. Today started with our regular weekend breakfast, was followed by some quality TV watching, a woodworking project (a plant stand for the tall-ish and unbalanced palm tree in our apartment to allow it to stand away from a wall), grocery shopping, cooking dinner (pan-seared fresh atlantic salmon with garlic-dill shrimp, along with fresh steamed brussels sprouts), and some more TV.

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow, but after a weekend like this, I'm in as good a mood as can possibly be expected.


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