Saturday, November 25, 2006


I feel like I've just had a lobotomy. I've spent the better part of the day fiddling with JavaScript, particularly trying to get an oddball new feature in Firefox 2.0 working, triggered from a bookmarklet. The indiosyncracies of XPCOM/XPConnect security models, JavaScript, incapability of relative paths with the file:/// URI (particularly with respect to variant drive letters in a portabilized browser installation), and user preference manipulation have left me feeling virtually powerless to actually do anything useful with Firefox. It certainly makes me feel like I have no marketable skills in a "Web 2.0" economy. *shudder*


Anonymous said...

I, along with every person I have talked to about the matter, went back to (or stayed with) Firefox 1.5xxxxx. If you move to 2.0, Al-Qaida wins!

2:13 AM  
kz said...

Well, I've got one foot in the hole, as it were. I've been experimenting with a portable version of Firefox 2.0, living completely contained on a USB flash drive, alongside a Thunderbird installation and a bunch of other applications. I'm going to try using 2.0 on a daily basis and see how I like it... I managed to change back most of the appearance things (ie, back to a single close button from the multiple-tab close buttons, non-scrolling tabs, etc.) It seems to be slightly more stable, but we'll see over the next few weeks.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous said...

OK, but don't be startled if Sheikh Osama sends you mad props.

2:46 AM  

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