Andrew Hobgood
White River Junction, VT


    Innovative and creative systems and software engineer with experience in designing software and hardware systems to solve complex and difficult problems. Strong programming background and extensive experience with scalable systems, networks, virtualization, storage, interactive systems, distributed computation and simulation, and realtime computer graphics (including virtual and augmented reality [VR/AR]).


  • Languages:
    • C, C++, Perl, Python, JavaScript, Unix shell (sh/ksh/bash), Go, PHP, Lua, Assembly (Intel/x86, Motorola 68k, MIPS, Zilog Z80), Java, Tcl/Tk
  • Operating Systems:
    • Unix (including Linux, BSD, Solaris, Irix, OSF/1 [Tru64/DEC Unix]), Windows, DOS, MacOS/OSX, Plan 9, Inferno, IBM OS/400, DEC OpenVMS
  • Software development:
    • Conceptualization, design, architecture, implementation, and project management
    • Expertise in network, 3D graphics, secure, system, and kernel programming
    • Traditional, cloud, and embedded platforms
    • Big data, distributed systems, parallel processing, and realtime data analysis
  • Hardware/software systems integration:
    • Virtualization (on-prem and cloud) and storage systems
    • Thin clients, embedded systems, microcontrollers
    • Microcontrollers, basic RF and electrical engineering
    • Smartcard and RFID/NFC systems
    • Real-time video and computer vision

  • System administration and security:
    • Unix system administration
    • Source-code auditing for security vulnerabilities
    • Network and host penetration testing

Job Experience:

  • Kentik Corporation (Remote, HQ: San Francisco, CA)
    Senior Backend Engineer (April 2021 - December 2022)

  • Touchpoint Restaurant Innovations (Remote, HQ: Palo Alto, CA)
    Senior Engineer (October 2019 - November 2020)

    • Worked with a small team to maintain and extend distributed enterprise point-of-sale (QSR/fast casual) backend and middleware APIs to enable new customer and franchisor experiences (e.g. Smart Folio, Zero Contact, etc.)
    • Implemented a variety of security improvements (e.g. traceable encrypted cloud storage for financial information, URL shortener hardening, mandatory authentication layers for event distribution, standardizing encryption with AES-CFB, secure code auditing, fuzz testing, etc.)
    • Worked closely with infrastructure/operations to manage and monitor a heterogenous mix of virtual (AWS) and physical (on-premise) resources spread across hundreds of locations.
  • Oracle Corporation - Internet Intelligence Team (was Renesys, then Dyn, Inc.) (Hybrid, Hanover, NH)
    Principal Data Scientist (June 2010 - October 2019)

    • Worked with a small research team to analyze massive amounts of observational network data to generate detailed, actionable Internet intelligence for a wide variety of corporate and government clients.
    • Helped develop an extensive suite of data products and tools for realtime and forensic analysis of global Internet topology, routing dynamics, latency, and other behaviors.
    • Developed improved visualization approaches for network maps, observed network data, and derived intelligence.
    • Designed, developed, and deployed rapid technical prototypes of data products, APIs, and analysis tools for internal and external customers.
    • Worked with a combination of traditional datacenter and cloud infrastructure to maintain large-scale, responsive data flows with drastic increases in telemetry volume
  • Desktone, Inc. (Acquired by VMware, Inc, October 2013) (Hybrid, Chelmsford, MA)
    Senior Software Engineer (August 2007 - May 2010)

    • Worked with a small team to design a scalable architecture and platform to enable service providers to deliver virtualized desktops as a service to globally distributed customers.
    • Worked closely with a growing engineering team and outsourced global development resources to develop the platform and deploy it with top-tier service providers.
    • Development lead for second-generation scalable VDI connection broker, remote access/dynamic firewall traversal components, and Adobe Flash multimedia redirection technology.
    • Development lead for client-side components, including customized client software for repurposed PCs and thin client devices.
    • Developed storage system extensions to enable rapid provisioning and improved disk utilization for the Desktone platform.
    • Worked with external vendors to integrate and develop remoting protocols and storage system optimizations for virtual desktop workloads.
  • Creative Optics, Inc. / MetaMersion, LLC (Bedford, NH)
    Lead Software Engineer / System Integration Engineer (July 2001 - August 2007)

    • Project lead and associate investigator in major research and development contracts for military and civilian customers.
    • Designed software and hardware systems for virtual and augmented reality training and mission effectiveness applications in military, industrial, and commercial environments.
    • Invented multiple technologies that have been patented or are pending.

    • Developed cutting-edge gaming/entertainment system.
    • Co-designed custom immersive virtual reality hardware platform.
    • Integrated existing game software titles (using pre-existing codebases) with customized platform.
    • Developed reusable software components for rapid integration with future titles.
    • Co-founded a new company to commercialize the system.
  • University of Michigan Virtual Reality Laboratory (Ann Arbor, MI)
    Staff Research Programmer (November 1999 - June 2001)

    • Designed software tools and visualizations for screen and CAVE environments.
    • Project team leader for funded augmented reality project (including development, integration, project management, and funding acquisition).
  • RCN Corporation (Hybrid, Marlborough, MA)
    Systems Administrator (November 1997 - September 2000)

    • Designed, created, modified, and maintained software tools for system administration.
    • Maintained, evaluated, and installed software and hardware solutions across a heterogeneous, mission-critical network.
    • Performed code audits and patches for deployed customer applications (in Perl and C).
  • University of Michigan Center for Information Technology Integration (Ann Arbor, MI)
    Staff Computer Consultant (March 1999 - August 1999)

    • Participated in department projects, including software design and implementation for the Secure Digital Virtual Conferencing initiative and Internet2 QoS projects.
    • Participated in research and development projects involving smartcard security.
  • University of Michigan Department of Public Safety (Ann Arbor, MI)
    Computer Operations Engineer (September 1998 - March 1999)

    • Performed network security analysis and penetration testing.
    • Designed preliminary security monitoring and countermeasure systems for heterogeneous, campus-wide network.
    • Assisted other University departments in analyzing their respective networks for vulnerability.
    • Participated in the design of various software tools for the department (including mission-critical building-alarm monitoring and deployed wireless database access systems).

Patents (US and International):

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Publications and Presentations:

  • "The Curious Incident of 7 November 2011," J. Cowie, A. Hobgood, NANOG 54, 2012
  • "Artificial Intelligence Theory: What is AI?," A. Hobgood, Rubi-Con Computer Security Conference, 2001
  • "An Exploration of Neural Networks in Computer Security," A. Hobgood, Rubi-Con Computer Security Conference, 2001

Licenses and Certifications:

  • FCC Amateur Radio Operator License (extra class)
  • FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate


  • University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Bachelor of General Studies program with focus in computer science, philosophy, and psychology. (1998-2001)
  • Massachusetts Academy for Mathematics and Science at WPI. (Class of 1998)